What Our Customers Say

While nothing comes close to seeing our work in person, our customers' testimonials provide a solid view of just how satisfied people are with Unique-Crete Designs. We are compiling our testimonials and will post them soon!

"We recently had the floors completed in our home and would couldn't be more pleased with the results! The team at Unique-Crete were incredibly professional and answered any question we had. Thank you!"
   - Erin Smith

"The service and quality were outstanding! Would highly recommend them to anyone who is needing their floors completed at a business or office space."
   - Adam Vasquez 

"We needed a logo for our pub and hired Unique-Crete. The end result is beyond what I expected. The team was professional and worked quickly to get the job done. They worked with us to come up with the best application process. Would highly recommend."
   - Vinny Toro 

"Unique-Crete is amazing! I hired them to polish my floors in my office, and they did a fantastic job. They had a great rate and managed to complete the project on time. The staff was friendly. Overall a very good experience."
   - Tara Peters

"I wanted some work done in my home and called them after doing some research. I wasn't disappointed. We got them to etch a pattern into the flooring, and the results are beyond our expectations. Friendly. Professional. Would recommend to anyone looking for this type of service."
   - Louisa Blakely

"Unique-Crete did a wonderful job on our patio. We wanted a way to freshen it up, and they were incredibly helpful from the very beginning. They had enough recommendations on how to make improvements and weren't pushy. Thank you!"
   - Jessica Martin 

"We were looking for a way to improve the quality of our floors and gave Unique-Crete a call. Was nervous about having a high-shine floor, but after talking with them, they walked us through the maintenance and can't believe we waited this long. Thank you for your hard work!"
   - James Shedd

"If you're looking for high-quality work at a fair price, call Unique-Crete. They were prompt, and the results exceeded our expectations."
   - Chasity Carpenter 

"I called for the free quote. Most companies will give you a price and then try to include add-ons. Not Unique-Crete. They came in and were quick to assess and give me a quote, and they stuck with it! On top of everything else, my floors look better than I imagined."
   - Brett Cahoon 

"Needed to improve the appearance of the concrete outside our business. We called for more information and were very impressed with the service received. They restored the area, and it looks like new. The team was professional, prompt, and very knowledgeable." 
   - Cardi Malone

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